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We schedule a meeting with you to evaluate the items.

  • Small lots of 100 items or less are evaluated immediately and a cash offer is sent. Min/max 1-7 days.

  • Large lots of 100 items+ require an Excel/Ascend/Inventory file. More than one meeting is required to finalize details. If the location of pickup is not close, photographs may be required.

  • Note the offer from STL Bike Swap is often lower than the face value of an item to account for operating fees, strict market pricing, and price adjustments for market fluctuations.


Can a franchise or store incur legal issues re-selling their items? NO. Why? Our listing will not show your barcode labels or mention where the item originated. After STL Bike Swap purchases an item, it is property of STL Bike Swap. STL Bike Swap receives requests to sell back-stock items from large corporations, local bike shops, cycling teams, and individuals.

We want you to be a happy, long-term customer. Let us know what we can do to keep your continued business.

For more information on how to Sell Your Stuff with STL Bike Swap download this PDF for all the details. 


At STL BIKE SWAP we except the following payments types: 

  • Credit/Debit

  • PayPal

Payment Methods
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